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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Nenek Keningau

I called my mum up. She informed me that my grandaunt, a younger sister of my maternal grandma, is bedridden in Keningau's hospital, on oxigen.

She is the closest nenek of mine, after my own nenek. We call her nenek Keningau, just because she resides there. I am very fond of her, being a cool nenek, she would tell lots of olden time stories, like how my grandparents met, happenings during the WWII, bla..bla.. I remembered she told me that she worked as a nurse during the war, and she had short curly hair, so much more fashionable compare to the other siblings, wore skirts/dresses instead of sarongs!

After my grandma passed away, she became very close to us, especially my mum.. Now she is very ill, God please give her strength. To those who knows her, pray for her. Thank you.


chegu carol said...

hi there,

i somehow feel ur nenek Keningau is someone related to me too since u mentioned that she is hospitalized and that her description fits an aunt i know is currently on oxygen here in Keningau as well.

Is she married to one M. Olim?

Joandarcy said...

Hmm.. Her surname is Matanjun, and her deceased husband is Chiew. ;)

chegu carol said...

Oh not her. :)

Hope your grandaunt will recover very soon. My aunt is still in the hospital too and weak.

Joandarcy said...

Thank you for your concern! Hope you aunt will get well soon!

chegu carol said...

Hi Joan,

Is the email u provided in my site correct? Cos i've sent u an email using that email address.

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