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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Children Books for Sale

My bloggie/Montessori si-fu online is selling her children books, cheap-cheap! Previously, she owned her own Montessori pre-school and now she is migrating to the States..

Do checkout her blog for a treat!

p/s I have booked her Dr. Seuss collection, muahahaha!!!!

p/s2 Leah, hope you dont mind me advertising for you...


leah said...

Of course i don't mind the free ads.
I have been busy selling, all Montessori stuffs are sold except the dressing frames and a few bottle of acrylic paints.

miche said...

oh...so u d one who sapu-ed her dr seuss collection. i was wondering who is dat mommy. :)

Joandarcy said...

hehehe.. ;)

Thanks for keeping the books for me.. Cant wait for elaine to send it to me.. Luckily I booked the Monty stuffs :) Cant think of any way to get them cheap-cheap! All the best with your journey!

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