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Friday, January 11, 2008

26 weeks

Here's the latest me.. being preggie for 26 weeks now.. Big, bulky and heavy! Pix was taken after attending cuz April's wedding reception on the 9th Jan.

Showin off my bump!
This is the first time I pose for my preggie pix... dread the 'buffalo' size look! But hey, my friends said its now or never...

Today, just came back from my gynae, baby is doing fine! Kicking and all! And baby seemed big compared to lil C koko.. now, at 26weeks, baby is already gaining 980g. ;)


crystal-ivy said...

You look so beautiful in 26weeks Celine! :)

Joandarcy said...

*blush* thankie.. I cant wait to pop and kuruskan badan with breastfeeding baby!.. Sigh! more than 10kg naik dah!!

bennyliew.com said...

Pretty cute photo nice nice nice :) i love the photo!

Joandarcy said...

;) thanks for the compliment.. dun really like taking my preggie pix, lessen the flash light to get a warmer look pix. Maybe that helped! hahaah!!!

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