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Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Bye, Nenek Keningau!

Late last night, I was busy preparing an itinerary with dear hubby for our next trip . Around 1am, being the only two of us working downstairs, suddenly we heard a male's voice saying, "Excuse me, boss. You have a text message ." It gave hubby a shock as he thought someone else was in the house. Little did he know that was my text message's ringtone.

"Message from Fr. Charles Chiew. Pls pray for my mother's soul. She died just before midnight. Funeral likely Sunday afternoon."
I was sad, I was shocked. Though, we knew and prepared for this moment, just that the thought of her not being around really hurts!

The whole day today, I kept thinking of her, the times she spent with us esp when my grandma was still around; and the times when she was with us after my grandma had left us. She was a sporting grandaunt! Romance stories (gossiping about how my grandparents were matched and how my parents fell in love) ... stories about my great-grandma's wedding with an Italian man and how she left him for her own parents (Later then I knew that was Jinian & Pungun's story).. so much more...

I missed her, her laughter (she closed her mouth with her hands when she laughed).. I just missed everything about her, the nenek keningau that I knew.. She was the closest nenek I have, after my own. God bless her soul.

Dear Mona, Mel, Yvonne, uncles, aunties and cousins,

I am so sorry that I am not able to attend Nenek's funeral due to some restrictions/cultural beliefs (of being pregnant). My prayers will always be with her.

Love always,

Being parted from a beloved one leaves a terribly raw ache which one can't imagine will ever go away. However, time is a natural healer and eventually your memories will bring you fond comfort rather than sadness and loss.


chegu carol said...

SO i heard correctly.

When my colleague told me about Fr. Charles's mother had passed away, i suddenly thought of you and your nenek Keningau...half hoping she wasn't the nenek Keningau you were referring to.

I'm sorry for her lost.
May her soul rest in peace.

Jewelle said...

Celine, I sent this post to my sister in KK because my mother is also from Keningau and know the Chiews - but didn't know about this sad news.

God bless the Nenek Keningau soul.

Joandarcy said...

Thank you for being thoughtful and concerned, ladies. She is laid to rest this afternoon.

Xandra Jenn said...

Hi Cuz,
Deepest condolence kio. I heard this before I was operated on last Friday, aunt Shirl from U.S. told me.

Am praying for Uncle/Monsignor's family. And you too, take care kio.
Miss you cuz..

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