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Monday, January 14, 2008

Late Sleeper

Both hubby & I are late sleepers, and I guess, "Bapa borek, Anak Rintik".

But now that he has started his playschool, we try to put him bed earlier. Not an easy task! If we bring him up to his room too early, he will requests to go down soon afterwards. Normally, it's him who will asks us to bring him to bed.

As lil C was busy playing by himself, MaMa took this opportunity to watch CSI (from 10pm-12am) and texting Collyn, who resides in Beijing.

Almost passing midnight, after a number of "It's very late!" nags from MaMa, lil C refused to stop arranging his miniature of little transports! MaMa gave up and instead, took pix of him doing his stuffs.

Sometimes, when I observed that he is absorbing with the things that he do, I would leave him alone.. I believe concentration is very important at a very young age!

It didnt bother him, when I took his pix... As if nothing matters.. In this pix, you can see he was arranging the toys according to the colours.

"I am not yet done!" "Almost!" That's his reply.. after this arrangement, he asked me to carry him to his room. Then, he slept peacefully until the next morn.

I was worried sick that he will be soooo cranky today. In fact, he got up at 7.15am, requesting to go to the kitchen and have bread&jam for breakfast. Drank his cold fresh milk (yep, that's the kind of milk he drinks now", had his oatmeal and egg, got change for school and continued playing with the same toys he had last night until PaPa was ready to send him to school.

That is quite routine now... MaMa has more time to sleep and blog and do a lot of other things.. :) until April 2008!!!


Montessorimum said...

My kids are late sleeper too which makes me very worry because research says they brain develop better during the night when they are asleep especially from 9pm onwards. ( my mum shown me the newspaper cutting) :(

Nick Phillips said...

Kids will always want to stay up late ... I send my kids to bed at 9.30pm on school nights whether they're sleepy or not. Non school nights they can stay up as long as they like ...

Cute boy you have there ...

Jewelle said...

My second daughter is better, I send her to bed at 7pm and she's usually asleep in 20 mins. It's my eldest daughter which takes longer to sleep and although I send her in at 8 pm, she can still be awake till 9 pm!

I trained my kids to sleep early because after a whole day with them, I go slightly mad if I have to deal with them after 8pm, haha. Of course, they do sleep later than usual occasionally when we go out but most of them time, I want them out of my hair by at least 8.30 so I can lounge around - give this mama a break!

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