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Monday, January 14, 2008

I Love You, Baby!

Today is the 1st day Isaac didnt come to our house. He started his official day of school today, a different one from lil C.

As usual, when lil C didnt see Isaac, he will ask for Isaac almost every other minute.

"Where's Isaac?"
"Where did he go?
"How come?"
"Where's my friend?" and all other Qs that he can think of!

He was kinda bored today, with the whines and sighs, just because! Isaac has been with us for almost 3 years now... and today, he isnt here..

I decided to take lil C for a walk around the neighbourhood, opened the main gate and waited for him while he put his shoe on. Then, he ran towards me and hugged me and said,"I love you!"

That was so cute, I thought! He hugged me again and said,"I love you, baby"

Hehehe.. "See, you have a lil friend afterall" I told him.. He said, yes!

I wonder if he really understood..


Kimmy said...

hey cuz! =) just dropping by ur blog.. aww lil c is so cute!!

Joandarcy said...

Hi... linked ur blog to mine! Nice art, cuz!

Xandra Jenn said...

What an adorable boy. He understands it cuz... Children are cleverer than adult... :)

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