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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bug attack!

I am so down with flu & fever! It started last friday morning, having blocked nose & slight cough. Then, friday night, it worsen to sore throat & high fever!!! The worst I had ever experience.. maybe becoz being prego, everything was sooo sensitive.. My stomach muscle cramped.. Can you imagine that? Being overstretched 400% by the prego hormone, and now it is so difficult and painful to even take a deep breath!

Saturday morning, I went to SMC, gynae did an ultrasound to check on baby. The heartbeat was racing, gynae explained it was due to my sickness. Baby probably got slight fever from me too. She gave me tons of medication; i.e. antibiotic (zinnat), anti-histamine/anti-congestant (clarinase), cough (Durotuss), airway allergy (ventoline & Pulmicot inhaler), Lozenges (difflam) + Paracetamol (Panadol).. 7 different medications! Gulp!!!

It's scary, but come to think of it, my stomach/body muscle were all aching..I felt light-headed all the time... I was worried the pain & strenous cough would caused me to deliver sooner (prob read too much!!), I decided to gobble up the medicine without much questions asked. Pray hard it wouldnt harm dear baby!

That Saturday night, lil C caught my bug! He too was having sorethroat, cough & fever. Brought him to a family doctor on sunday morning, instead of his regular paed who closes on weekends. Medication given was different, I realised they were at a higher dosage. Poor kid, he was hyper all night long, that he only fell asleep around 4am in the morning (MaMa & PaPa took shift to accompany him).

Sigh.. had never felt sooo sick & fatigue as bad as this episode.. We have cranky MaMa and cranky lil C under the same roof, at the same time.. Can u imagine living with us ? Poor PaPa.. hehehe


Jewelle said...

Oh no, that is a lot of medicine to take! Hope you and Lil C get well soon

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

get well soon..i don't take med normally i go for supplement so i seldom get the bugs..hehehe

Joan D'Arcy said...

Thanks.. thats lots alright! DOnt really take that much even during non-prego season..

Ya... what to do.. this prego got back all my asthma allergy that has left me 15years back!! Never, for decades, I kena attack like this... I hope I recover soon. Sore-throat has subside.. but the airway swelling is still there. STill on antibiotic & inhaler..

Kimmy said...

gosh that sounds really bad, get well soon cuz!

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