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Friday, February 29, 2008

A short vacation

Another vacation for MaMa! Guess how did I spend my 3d2n holiday since tuesday?

A view from my auto-ascend/descend bed

My bedside table

Airforce II trainee.. on the nebulizer!

My left arm (IV for steroid input)

My right arm was poked for blood output. Urghh, dont you just hate needles?

Ok, that wasnt funny! That tuesday evening, I could hardly take my breath! My airway felt so tight! A family doc advised us to go to the SMC emergency unit to check my oxygen level (to ensure baby was having enough oxygen too) and also for observation. I was panting and breathing hard... The only thing in my mind was if I was going to deliver this baby on this point of time, based on my condition, I would definitely have to go through a C-sect delivery.

That was a scary thought! I was worried I would give labour prematurely.. Could feel the contraction coming, but I prayed that it was only the Brixton Hicks and nothing serious.. I wasnt ready, dont think baby was ready either! The physician in-charged in SMC advised that I was to be admitted for the night for observation, put me on the nebulizer to ease my breathing. Thank God my oxygen level, tho it wasnt 100%, but good enough for both baby & me. The nebulizer also help to relax my muscle, therefore, I didnt feel any contraction after that!

Couldnt sleep the whole night, dozed off around 3am and got up at 4 hours later. The same doc came to check on me. Still wheezing, I was given a steroid jab for prevent futher airway inflamation.. Scary thoughts, but according to doc (again) that at the third trimester, baby is safe if mother was given steroids (of course with proper administration). In fact, there were cases where premature babies, steroid will be given to mature their respitory system.

Was brought to the maternity ward to do CTG (cardiotography) test to monitor baby's heartbeat. Strong & heathly as a horse! That's what all matters to me! Sigh! What a relieved!

Another different medication was given, my inhaler has been changed from ventolin and pulmicot to symbicort (so-called 2-in-1) in powder form! Whatever cort laa.. just so sick and tired!! Was asked to stay for another night for observation... That night, I think I was overdosed by the nebulizer, my whole upper body was numb!! My face, ears, lips, chest, hands.... felt semut-semut all over! Urghhh!!! another unpleasant moment!!! Was given actifed for the blocked nose/flu, so I went to Zzzzzz early this time.. Before 10pm, I was already snoring!

Thursday morning, woke up by the nurse to do another CTG, coz I complaint I didnt feel baby's movement (DUh! I was drugged to sleep that night before).. again, relieved to hear baby's heartbeat galloping fast! Doc came to see me that morning and confirmed I could go home provided I must take all the necessary medication given and come back for review 2 weeks later.

I JUST WANNA GO HOME! Missing my lil C so much, and PaPa told me, he was behaving well, but still down with flu and refused to eat.. I think he must have missed me too!

I am just so happy that I am home now... Still gobble up few kinds of medicine i.e. antibiotic, clarinase (morning), actifed (night), and my steroid pills which need to be taken for the next 7days. I just want to get well before my delivery. I dread to think that what if I get short of breath agaib during my delivery? No No No! I must get better......

I did ask doc's opinion what actually happened to me. At first, I suspected it was becoz I was given the wrong medication for my fever/sorethroat. But doc's explaination, it was an unregulated medication treatment, plus the weather, got my airway inflamed. Also, me in my 32+weeks pregnancy, the growing baby was pressing on to my lungs (laymen's term) cos me to have difficulty in breathing. So, the ventolin/pulmicot didnt enter my lungs fully, that didnt help either.


Jewelle said...

Oh no, hope all's well now.

Elaine said...

Take good care of yourself and baby, and a speedy recovery.

lynn said...

That was terrible to happened. Thank god the two of you are alright. Take good care of your self and baby too.

Kimmy said...

omigosh!! cuz feel better soon! hope u have a speedy recovery!

mamabliss said...

oh dear... *HUGZ* hope you get well soon...

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

i really thot you went for a vacation somewhere in kk.hahaha sempat lagi..glad that you are back..rest well..you are near ur due date tu..

hazel said...

gosh...cel, i had no idea!!! I pray you and baby are well and all ready for the big day!!!
sorry again for the MIA....been so cooped up with the kids! please please let me know when you deliver!!! hugs...!

Vivianz said...

Oh my gosh... I hope you are all well now. Very scary experience...

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi all, thanks for the thoughtful wishes... Getting the preggo blues, i think... Very very stress... Thanks for enlightning me (love reading ur blogs)

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