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Friday, February 08, 2008

My kid says the darndest things

Last tuesday, as I picked lil C from school:

Me: How was your school? What did you eat today? (a very common Q I'd asked everytime)
C: I like my school, I ate porridge and drank Milo.
Me: That's good. Later at home, we will have chicken drumstick rice for lunch, kay?
C: Huh? Chicken have drumstick too? (making the gesture of hitting a drum).. How come?
Me: *laughed till my tears rolled out!*


Last Wednesday, lil C had a classmate's birthday party. In his bag, he had some goodies packed with chocolate & sweets (which I didnt like).

C: Ma, look, I have sweets in my bag (showing off)
Me: Yes, but you cant have them all!
C: Yeah, I will share with Ian koko & Isaac (saying it with pride - he is very generous with food)

So, he kept 2 candies for the cousins (out of 10..). After a while, he kept looking at the goody pack, and said:
C: Ma, Ian koko is not feeling well. He cannot eat sweets.. They are for Isaac and me only (So he took Ian's share and ate it)

Irresistably, looking at the pack again, he said:
C: Ma, Isaac is not coming to the house today... (justifiying his act after taking the last bit and ate it!)
Me: aaaah..??

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