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Friday, February 08, 2008

CNY Eve with lots of BANG!!

Without fail, the Vuns will always celebrate the New Year Eve with savoury chinese dishes cooked by MIL. That I hafta salute my MIL for cooking for more than 10 of us.

After putting lil C to bed, just before midnight, I went to take my hot shower after a loooong day! I just love hot bath that I could take forever half an hour just being in the bathroom!

Then, bram..bam..bam..bam... !!!! I rushed out into the bedroom just to checked if lil C was awaken with all that banging noise! The New Year was welcomed by the neighbouring residence with the thunder of firecrackers & booming fireworks. Luckily lil C was in deep sleep so nothing bothered him.

I wondered, despite the government had banned the firecracker, the people were able to find their way to purchase them... Wondering what kind of stringent Customs check we have in this country? Why can the smugglers bring the firecrackers/works in? Sigh! quite dissapointed with the security checks which doesnt work! Waste of time, waste of the taxpayers $$$!!

While these questions playing in my head, I sat on the bed, looking out through the window. Despite the loud noise, I was enjoying the beautiful bright light from the fireworks effect... hehehe.. a cheap entertainment, giving me such peace!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, once again!

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