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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Why Why

I was trying to get Lil C ready for school...

Me: Please eat your oatmeal, we need to get dress for school soon. Dont want to be late!
C: Ma.. I have to wear a dress?
Me: ..?? No, I meant we need to change to your school clothes..
C: ..(still on the topic)... Ma, how come I wear a dress??
Me:.. *big sigh!!*


Yesterday, PaPa asked if I had lunch.. and lil C overheard our conversation (which he loves to do)..

Me: (Answering PaPa's Q) ..Not really, I just pinched lil C's fried noodle..
C: *frowning*.. Ma.. Why did you pinch my noodle?
Me: I meant I ate a lil bit of your noodle *trying to explain*
C: *still frowning* But why did you pinch the noodle? *Looked at PaPa with that silly face*.. Why MaMa pinched my noodle?
PaPa: MaMa meant that she took a little portion from your noodle.. She wanted to taste it..
C: *Still didnt get it* Why did MaMa pinch my noodle..????
Me/PaPa: !!??>>.. *trying to change the conversation....*


Jewelle said...

The dreaded "why".

Sometimes when Eu been harassing me too much, I'll tell her that I need to concentrate on something and I'll explain later - and hope that she forgets!

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hmm.. that sounds very pro.. will try that! ;) Thanks Jewelle!

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