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Friday, February 22, 2008

Nak Tak?

Someone forwarded an email to me.. Something to ponder.

The leader who will get my vote this election will be a person who serves the rakyat, and not expecting the rakyat to serve/bow to him/her. I just couldnt stand hearing the 'leaders' who think they are demi-Gods telling the rakyat to shuddup and not investigating why in the first place the rakyat are making so much fuss. All the self-proclaimed demi-Gods do is to condemn esp bloggers who speak up their views. Hey, we are homospiens, the most intelligent living creatures on earth! and you expect us to just shuddup and be a zombie? (ok.. cool down... MaMa)

We would never forget when the *toot* Mr. Roselan made a remark on rape cases (see pix left), when Mr. Bung Moktar & Mohd Said Yusuf belittle women by insulting DAP Fong Po Kuan bocor tiap-tiap bulan (read Nazri's remark about controlling people's emotion, and yet the leaders said bloggers are over reacting and emotional... huh!), when Mr. Adnan accused that bloggers are liars, 80% are women! These are only few REAL cases... and there are tons more if you digg em out!

Anyways... Your vote matters! Cast it wisely! May the truth save us all... (like, is there ANY eligible candidate that will get my vote this year?.. sigh!!) Jangan kerana RM1 or tangki air biru diderma, our votes be bought!

Lastly, say No to Violence Against Women <-- you think the current leaders will be able to tackle this issue? Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi..

1 comment:

Lynn said...

How do we expect these idoit to lead a nation? They can't even think straight; worse then small kids and very stupid indeed! Want to be a leader but can't even use their brain (as if they have any) pity the women who surround them.

What a disaster.

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