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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pre 3rd Birthday Celebration

Last Sat, we had a simple celebration for lil C's 3rd birthday, and it was held 6 days earlier. Enjoyed it very much esp the things that lil C wished for came true.. He wanted a guitar!
JiaPoh (Nenek) baked him a guitar cake... Lil C couldnt keep his eyes off it.. and hands too.. He kept digging the icing!

& Kungkung gave a mini acoustic guitar (and its black in colour too, just as requested by Lil C)!

Doesnt wanna change to his chinese custome. Prepared the washed gym mat for baby Ivy, but lil C refused to let anyone to use it, except MaMa's baby.

Mama & Papa gave a Voila easel.. Earlier, this was the hot item.. the kids hadda queue to work on it. Here, Ian Koko was telling story through his drawing.

Then, come the choo-choo-train, as lil C called it!

KuKu (SIL) gave Thomas & Friends Train set... where it kept the kids' attention for a period of time! The Hottest item!

Newly made friends... Cute boys looked-alike, esp the blonde hair!

"Happy Birthday" song, accompanied by lil C's basic 'strumming' of the guitar...
Greng.. greng...

"Fuh!!!" Blowing of the candle.. of course Ian KoKo got to blow it first! One of the best part of cake cutting among lil kids!

"My portion"...
He just loves his Jia Poh (Nenek / maternal grandma)'s homebake cake.. He called his Jia Poh - a cooker (instead of a cook / baker)

Baby Ivy didnt miss a bit! She is sooo adorable, being 4 months old.

This thursday, lil C is going to celebrate his big 3rd birthday in his school, with his new friends.. Cant wait!

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