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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miscellaneous C

I am so forgetful!!! Duh!!

Here are some pix I took, a while ago, of lil C in action.

Lil C trying on his 'chopstick' . Yum yum!

Hair cut before CNY. The 'koko' hairdresser trying to make lil C excited about haircut that he spiked up lil C's hair. Funny that lil C only allows him to get his hair done.


My Mickey Milo Jelly

Slicing them up! Jelly? Anyone?

This pix was taken when MaMa & lil C werent in good mood. MaMa scolded him & he cried until he fell asleep. I felt so bad after that.. Getting the preggie blues! He is getting bigger / longer, everyday... Time flies so fast! When he was born, he was only 2.55kg 49cm; now still light, he is around 13kg and 100cm. My big boy!

"A smile" from my lil actor

"And this is when I am sad".. hahaha.. while doing big business..

One morning, he got up and told me he wanted to have big tummy too "just like MaMa". So, doggie was placed under his shirt... opps.. almost in labour! Can see doggie's leg coming out!

Having kids are just so blessed!


linmarcia said...

Now I noticed that your son uses his left hand. Must be a challenge for you to teach him!

Joan D'Arcy said...

sometimes I terbalik juga teach him, but a lot of times I just show him using my dominant hand and give him space to learn in his own way as time goes by.

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