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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The early bird

For the first time, this year, lil C woke up very early.. as early as 5.30am. It could be the garbarge truck rowdy noise woke him up (hate it when they come in the middle of the night.. sooo noisy, I myself would be awaken by them).

He asked for milk, (bear in mind, he only drinks fresh milk directly from the fridge) and Milo jelly. Mama made him soft boiled egg and he gobbled them all up! Poor kid, he must be hungry as last night he didnt really touch his food at the dinner table.

Here are some photos of him, very very restless in the morn. He bang his chinese drum and played his tungtungchang. Wonder if any neighbour got woken up by his bangs.

In his jammies

Tying up his tungtungchang, so that it doesnt get away by the time he comes back from school.

Ready for school, the first time he got to school very early (7.55am). Normally, PaPa would leave the house after 8.30am... that's after all the "hurry up", "we dont want to be late" naggings.

Good morning, everyone!

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