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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Blessed Easter!

Alleluia, Christ has risen! Wishing you a blessed Easter, to those who celebrates it!

Here's lil C enjoying his White Chocolate Easter Egg. MaMa bought 3 choc Easter Eggs from the Hyatt Hotel, to give lil C, cuz Ian & Isaac some excitement of Easter celebration. After Mass, CMI church distributed some Easter chocs for lil children, but by the time lil C went to the entrance, the chocs had gone! Lucky enough, MaMa packed the Easter Eggs that were bought from Hyatt and brought them to church. Hehehe.. So, lil C was enjoying his Easter Egg from MaMa (which he thought it was from the church).

This pix was taken after Mass in CMI, in our car, as we were heading for lunch.

Hubby asked why on Easter, they have Eggs? MaMa explained that egg is a symbol of a new life, a new beginning (The rebirth of Jesus)... But both of us think that it is heavily commercialsed now... That the meaning of Easter has diverted esp to the eyes of the younger generations.

Anyways, Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

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