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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Neti pot for immediate sinus relief

I am an Oprah fan, esp talks with Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here is an interesting session where Dr Oz speak about remedy for sinus.. I know a lot of my friends and family members has nose allergy.

Before you try pouring water into your nostril, Dr. Oz offers some neti pot pointers. First, mix warm water with a quarter teaspoon of non-iodized salt.

"You never want to wash [human] tissue without having saltwater in them," he says. "Your own cells like it more."

Dr. Oz says washing out your sinuses with regular water can be irritating. Cold water may make you feel like you're drowning in a pool.

Amy, an audience member who suffers from sinusitis, demonstrates the proper way to use a neti pot. "I thought it would feel like drowning, but it feels good," she says.

It may look strange, but Dr. Oz says this treatment may be more effective than medication. "The [ear, nose and throat] doctors who are specialists in this area will often say this is a better treatment than a lot of the other drugs that we try to offer folks, because it mechanically cleans out the problem," he says.

What were Amy's long-term effects of using a neti pot for her allergies?

Neti pots are available at health food stores and most drug stores.

An embarrassing allergy »

I dont have any nose allergy nor sinusities. I wonder if this works for common flu. But Not sure if the neti pot is sold in Malaysia, what more in KK. Anyone have seen it before?


swordie said...

I have been checking about this technique for a while, but really scared trying it... have you tried it?

Lucky my 'sneezing' is not tat bad any longer... great info links ;)

Joan D'Arcy said...

Have not tried it too. Thank God I dont have sinus/block nose. Seen how they did it in Oprah. If you use warm water, should be very comfy!

But I believe that warm salt water is a good remedy with lots of things, like skin injury, sore throat etc. Dettol and other chemical antiseptic stuffs is a no-no to my sensitive skin.

lynn said...

I've tried it before with recomendation from my ENT consultant due my right sinuses. Well, not the exact instrument. He asked me to use the ketchup bottle instead. Where I have to squeeze it slowly and humm the letter "r" with my head tilted to the back. It feels better afterwards. The sodium solution really conforting instead of plain water which hurts so much.

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