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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happenings in March

Hmmm... nothing much did! We were back to my kampung during the election + school holidays... Anyways here're some latest gigs from lil C.

A happy kid cycling around the neighboorhood with PaPa

Look at me!

"I am drawing a man"

Another drawing ~ "an octopus" ~ according to lil C.. (I think he meant the "many" legs)

Guess who are these? Can you spot MaMa, lil C & PaPa?
(PaPa with the glasses, MaMa is the 2nd biggest head with lil C the smallest)

Another drawing, similar to the above. Btw, the 'cacing'/worm above our head means we have curly hair... Beats me *shrugs*!

Lil C asked me to snap photos of him doing some taichi kung fu

Doing the Tai Chi ~ MaMa loves watching good kung fu (TVB) show (esp with good looking actors) and subscribed the latest Master of Tai Chi series from Astro on Demand... So, lil C imitates the movement! Not an ideal show for kids.. Muahaha

I wonder if there's any good chinese school in town that associates with any Kung Fu Association (like the Yick Nam in Inanam , the Lion Dance World Champion in the previous years - but its just too far from where we live). I dont mind my lil C to be a Kung Fu Master one day.. hehehe.. at least he can open up his own biz... :p *MaMa starts dreaming again*


Anonymous said...

Hi Len! Xtian's drawing of u & family reminds me of tamacotchi!Heheh!Very creative!

Joan D'Arcy said...

haha!! Tamogachi... hehehe... wierd!

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