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Monday, March 17, 2008

Lazy Buffalo Me!

I am just so lazy to update anything... Too tired, feeling sooo bloated! I think I have turned into a buffalo... erghh!!! Gained 21kg to be exact!! Not a good sign! (gained very drastically since Dec last year.. blamed it to the Christmas & CNY celebration). Dunno why.. I dont crave for any kind of food.. Maybe I am bloated with water retention... My doctor friend said I looked as if I am already 'masak' (riped - direct translation, which means as if I will give birth anytime soon!) My feet are soo swollen, this happened a week ago.. My hands/palms are always numb... I walked funny... Getting my stomach cramps now and then... Double chin is sooo obvious by now.. urgh!!! I feel sooooo fugly!

Havent prepared my hospital bag yet... Havent prepared for baby's receiving clothes/blanket yet... Havent tidy up baby's drawer yet!!! Oh no!!! Such a procrastinator (if there's such word)! Havent squeeze my brain if I want to go for Cloth Diaper or not (havent read up articles about it)... So lazy to do anything extra.... Old mundane routine... I am so mentally/physically drained! This week alone, I went for my gynae appointment as well as review for my recent asthma attack!

Need to do some shopping!!! Need to clean the room!! Need to do lots of thing! Wake up, MaMa!! Wake up!!!

Btw, if any of you interested on some cute baby shoes... Check out MiaBambina's store before the 23rd of March!!!!!! I still havent decide which shoe to get!! Urgh!!! But I kinda like this one! Its indeed sooo cute!

They feature buttery soft leather and are lined with a layer of white cotton fabric to keep all dyes away from baby. Cute Baby Shoes also feature black suede soles to keep the shoes looking newer, longer �no more dirty footprint outlines on the bottom of baby's shoes. All of the shoes are made from cow leather.
Something to share for further reading : A gentle Beginning, Trust in the world ~ The First Year!


Joyce said...

On My 36th week pun sya belum buat apa-apa bah, even almari baby pun belum beli. On my 38th week baru lah ada progress kasih sedia itu ini...

Sandra@miabambina said...

Hi Celine
Thanks ! saw you in Friendster already.
BTW you will POP anytime soon ya?
hey Joyce! you also will pop very very soon kan? or pop already?
YAY...so exciting!

Joan D'Arcy said...

still another month to go... and soooo BIG odi!!! (frens says my tummy look small... mama look BIG!) muahahah!

Elaine said...

I know exactly how u feel, I felt the same too a few months ago. FUGLY and LAZY. haha..but it's over now..hang on mate...very soon, you will holding your baby, all it worth it then.

Eh..I also did things last minute , like packing the hospital bag and dug out the old cloths to wash...hehee...

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehe.. scheduled myself to arrange/clean/was.. etc watever necessary for baby.. ended up blog hopping since this morning!!!!! *knock on the head*

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