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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cakes cakes cakes!

I am a cake lover! In other words, I LOVE CAKES! ;) Having sweet tooth, I just cant help but finding excuses to eat cakes.. I love traditional fruity wedding cakes, that for my wedding was 3 tiers of fruity, scrumptious, yummy cake baked by a close family friend. I even kept the cake for our 4th anniversary celebration! Until she retired few years back, I had to look for other resources to order cake for special occasions.. Be it the cake house or other recommendations by friends... But I've always love homebake cakes...yum! yum!.

Thank you internet, for introducing Deana! I knew her from blog-hopping, due to her CD addiction for her newborn darling Sona. I have seen her cake artwork and the right time came when lil C was turning 3. I've asked her to bake cuppies for lil C's classmates.

It was a hit! The kids and the teachers loved it! Their tiny hands were irresistable, wanted to grab the closest cuppies for them to adore! and the teachers were just standing behind the kitchen door..*seriously*... waiting to be offered the left-over! hahaha!

I love cheese cakes too! I am eyeing on this... to order for this coming Mother's Day! Just wait for my mail, Deana!!

And I want to book in advance, birthday cuppies for DH's birthday in october... But can it be GOLF-oriented, and not footies?

How I wished I knew about Deana and her sister, Faye 5 years ago! I would love to have cuppies for my wedding!!! Cut the tradional cake out!!! I love this design (below), I could just gobble them up.. (oohh! But you wouldnt wanna see a bride doing so... hahaha!!!)!!

And I could have custom-made my wedding card design from Faye too!!! I love her creative designs!

Not to forget, an edible ring box, truly creative!!

Yum yum yum! (Tengah bermimpi ... drooling!)

Finally, this classic design reminds me of my mom. She baked a cake (not pudding) with this doll theme when I was 12 years old (that's 20 years ago)... Back then, that made all the cousins, friends even the aunties envied the lucky me! Muahahaha!! *vain laffs*

To those who are interested to order cuppies / cakes from this creative sisters (not to forget, their brother bakes too!!), do click on Deana's Contemporary Cakes for All Occasions and Faye's Food & Design website for more info!



deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

Thank you for joining the contest..

Sandra@miabambina said...

Celine! you are worst than me!
your dh b'day is in October and you plan the cupcakes already!!!!LMOF
I thought I was bad enough to know what I want for dh b'day in August!
hahaha nope ! I was wrong!!!

Oh and I am thinking of his favorite football team: Juventus.
so it is better for Deana and Faye to decorate! just black and white! hahaa

Joan D'Arcy said...

Deana; No sweat!
Sandra: Stripe B&W.. hahaha!!!

cindy said...

Waahh I thought you were giving like a free promo, manatau it's a contest lah pulak!! :D

But really la, I think when I'm back in KK, I'd be ordering cupcakes non-stop from Deana! They're just lovely! :D

Xandra Jenn said...

Cuz, I am eating cheese cake here now... kesiannnn kau ni... bah, i tumpang you makan lah ahhh... me si gobulan bah ni. kweng kweng kweng...

Elaine said...

I love cakes too... I have sweet tooth. Deana's too far away for me to order cake from here...luckily beautiful cupcakes r available in KL too...actually want to learn cake decor..but not time la..tools also expensive

queen quirin said...

me thought u r giving free promo for the sisters.. rupa-rupanya got contest pulak. hehehehe

Joan D'Arcy said...

:) Sadap bah her cakes! yum yum!

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