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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Men At Work

It is quite dissapointing when you see that people dont care about own safety, what more about their employees... I snapped this picture yesterday, when the worker was fixing the telecom line.. I believe he must be one of the kerja kontrak guys as he was wearing a T-Shirt written "Kontraktor Penyelenggaraan Telekom Malaysia".

Why on earth is he not putting on any safety gears like helmet & gloves? I dont know la, maybe it is not in their safety policy? Or maybe he thinks he is a starring that nothing bad would happen..

Today's DE headline : Tower Crashes again, 1 dead; where A TNB worker was killed and four of his colleagues were seriously injured after the Emergency Temporary Tower that being reinstalled at Kg Suang Parai Imbagu, Inanam collapsed again Tuesday..

You just never know what lies ahead...

Read more : The Star


Xandra Jenn said...

Showing off perhaps, that they are macho? It doesn't make me wonder anymore. I just feel kesian the anak bini if they have, otherwise their family or people who love them more than they love themselves.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Mulau bah durang tuh!

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