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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lil C at work

One of lil C's favourite working space is on his easel. He would draw whatever his encounter in his daily life.

Can you see a face? That's MaMa's face.. (I think he was a bit confused coz normally its PaPa that wears glasses)

According to lil C, the green spiral on the left side was Baby C in MaMa's tummy. The rest of the drawing is messy abstracts..

Can you guess what is this?

It's a helicopter, according to lil C, complete with the rotorblade, windows & steps going up. He drew that just before his night bath, i.e. after playing with his transport toys.

This was taken yesterday. Lil C was ill, and he didnt go to school.. So MaMa homeschooled him.. No, he doesnt really know his ABCs yet, but MaMa has started simple phonics with him. The above activity is another version of the Metal Insets where the aim is for preparation of writing, by developing muscles for holding writing instrument. It is also to increase the awareness of shape, color, movement and order. (The only thing about this activity is that we should teach the kids with small letters first, and not the capital ones as most written words use 90% of small letters)

Lil C loves doing this activity. First few times, he couldnt control his movement and that frustrates him.. but now, his hand movement has gotten so much flexible, thanks to a lot other PLE Mama did with him.

Ta-da! Neat!

Then, we did the matching game for the alphabets! Basically, this is to match the magnetic letters to the stencil ones. Another error in this activity is that lil C has problem matching the letters like A, B, R etc coz on the stencil, the letters are not attached. Of course to us, it is so straight forward; but to young child, it is totally two different shapes!! Bear that in mind!

MEanwhile, 3 week old Baby C is contented with life! He has grown so much.. Now, he can almost fit the CDs.. sometimes leak coz of his skinny thighs...


Elaine said...

mama's doing great job. I'm lazy la... not much time spent with my boy to teach him...that's why off to school he goes.

Xandra Jenn said...

wowwwwwww I was MIA only for a while and lil C is almost like a tanak vagu now... How superb! And soooooo clever boy. I'm proud of you and your boys cuz...

mamabliss said...

oh WOW... Lil C is doing so well in his drawing...and the stenciling is a GREAT idea thanks so much for sharing ;)

Aunty J said...

Lil C so clever and baby C sooo cute !!!

JPP Papa said...

Lil C indeed a clever boy. My boy not even know how to draw. All circles. hahaha.
thats pretty good idea of using the stencil. Hmmm, thanks for sharing. I wanna try that with my son. :)


Joan D'Arcy said...

papaJ: post the activity! :)

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