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Friday, April 04, 2008

My CD Stash

Got my first stash of CDs from Miabambina.com. At last, I can have some good rest sleep.. I bought 12 prefolds, 4 Pocket CDs & 3 cover diapers... For a start, I think its good enough.. (but of coz, I cant help wanting for more). I would start baby with the prefolds first, until MaMa is convinced with CDs.

I saw the kissaluv's fitted diaper, and I fell in love with it!!! They look so adorable, that it made me wanting to chew them... They look like delicious, colourful marshmellow!! hehehe.. I stopped myself from bulk-buying them (even Sandra was giving discounts for it) coz I need to settle my mind with the basic diapering first... First comes first!

Now, I am doing my 3rd wash for the prefolds... :) Happy Cloth Diapering, CD-addict moms!


Joyce said...

Haha..Happy cloth diapering..!!!

osindak said...

I'm gonna buy a few more CDs soon! hehe so cute kan, gila sudah sia sama CD nie.. hehe

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