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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Satu sen!

I wanted to blog about this few weeks ago (early days of April), but baby was due around that time.. so, kinda forgotten.. But still, it bugged me and I still wanna write about it!

After selecting some things, I went to pay at the counter in one of the departmental store in CP. I saw a big sign behind the counter, "Kami tidak menerima wang satu (1) sen bermula dari 29 March 2008".. (we do not accept 1 sen starting 29th March 2008)

I was wondering, does it mean that now the amount is rounded up to the nearest 5 sen, that's why we dont need to use the 1 sen coins... or 1 sen isnot a legal tender any more... Even the ads in TV is very vague... All they explained were the value of purchased goods ($$) will be rounded up to the nearest 5sen.. That's it!

Okay, that doesnt bothered me yet... Then, when its time to pay the parking fees, even the parking fees collectors dont accept my 1 sen coins, saying they were instructed to do so. Unsatisfied, I called up my friend (you know who you are *wink*) who works in a bank regarding the 1 sen issue, she said that the 1 sen coins cannot be used anymore... I was confused, I thought only the value $$ is rounded up, but never mention anything about the 1 sen coins cannot be used.

I asked DH (I assumed he knows everything!! hahaha!) and told my encounter on that morning. He too, complained that people are confused with the whole 1 sen issue. So, to make things clear, he called Bank Negara himself for reassurance.

The bank said that the 1 sen is still a legal tender up to RM2. They advised us to report the matter to Bank Negara if there are outlets who refuse to accept the 1 sen coins... Geez!! Do you think they'll take any action on the outlets? hhmmph!

So yesterday... seeing the idle one sens in our piggy bank, we decided to exchange the coins in the bank... Good riddance! If you have further inquiry, you can call the Bank Negara Malaysia at 088-211-211 (Sabah branch).

Source : Doing away with one sen coin (The Star 2007/11/14)


Archie said...

ya, true, a lot of people still confuse about one cent. I think BNM should clarify on this on TV or whatever. :P

bennyliew.com said...

adeh ini pun ada kah .cel repot ja lu see what will happen..

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