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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My CD Stash

I know, I have an older post re the same title above. Anyways....

Here's my 1st CD stash purchased from miabambina.com, just few days before baby popped out. Sandra, the owner, has been wonderful for spending almost 2 hours showing me her stuffs at home (There were 2 other expecting moms, so we messed up her place learnt from each other too.)
A contented mama, I purchased (pix : top) 3 Drybees pocket diapers , ( pix : bottom, from left to right) 1 Bummis super brite green cover, 1 Berry wonderwrap Onesize cover, 1 GAD pocket microfleece, 1 Thirsties melon diaper cover; (not in pix) a dozen of unbleached prefold, snappis, flushable diaper liner (eekkk... takut taeee), inserts & hemps, wipes etc.

By the time we went home, Sandra's house macam kena bomb!!! Like the 3 MaMa serbu her house, and left it in a total mess.. the diapers / bags / accessories were everywhere the place! Sorry ah, Sandra! hehehehe..

The first thing I did after arriving home was to wash the prefolds. Sandra said I need to wash them 3 times, and I thought like 3 times of washing machine cycle, which I could do in a day!! hahaha!! Noooooo... she meant, 3 times that takes 3 days to do it - wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry. By the time the third rinse, I was already in labour!

These are my 2nd purchase from Nicki's Diapers. (pix : top) Bumkins AIO & Drybees black pocket feece. (pix : bottom) 2 Bumkins diaper covers. I bought the bumkins in XS size, because Baby C was too little for the other S-sized cd. Poor baby! However, I dont think that the Bumkins are PUL as it only mention that it's leakproof (please do correct me if I am wrong here). Anyways, I fell in love with the prints, esp the Dr Seuss ones (both MaMa & lil C are crazy over him!!)!! Dopey MaMa! oh! and it fits well too on Baby C.. *tsk*tsk*tsk*

Currently, this is what Baby C uses every day, a diaper cover + lampin or sometimes the prefold.. His cord had just fell off a few days ago (after 16 days!!) and I didnt dare to put him on pocket CDs nor dispo as yet. Last week, I did put him on dispo, he was still to tiny for that. I think the dispo (XS Huggies) was loose and kept rubbing on his tummy caused his cord to bleed. We rushed to the paed the next morning, only to get reassurance from him that it was okay (baby wont feel any pain) as long as there's no infection around/outside his umbilical cord.

Contented Baby C! He is gaining weight.. Last week thursday, the nurse weighed him, already 2.9kg... :) MaMa has become a fulltime cow! Feeding him on demand (like evry 1.5hr most of the time!)


Sandra@miabambina said...

hahah it's ok Celine.. dont worry if my place is messy after...
wah baby c look like Lil C in this photo!
btw how is the poo poo mission so far with baby c and the cd? :D

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

ha ha i also have this -same colour..1 Berry wonderwrap Onesize cover

osindak said...

wow sooo nice ur CD collection! I like! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, Congratulations on your new addition? Isn't he adorable? i can't have enough with babies. Isn't it amazing how becoming a mom change your perceptions on everything around you? My world right now revolves around our kids. That's why i truly admire Osindak as she is doing the greatest thing for our next kin. Can't imagine what will happen to the earth in years to come.

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