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Friday, April 25, 2008

Shopping Online Sabah-based

I have been shopping online since early 2000 with the first purchase was made at amazon.com (a bookworm!) I was so into online shopping (kira macam addict juga la tuh kan excuses as we dont have shopping malls that sells those things in KK), that when lil C was a baby, I wanted to open an online baby shop or anything that deals with infants & toddlers, be it selling products/services. A friend and myself even talked about setting up a KK breastfeeding group, to assist and encourage new moms to breastfeed their newborns. (Back then, I was inspired with Lilian's My Mom's Best)

But then, being a first time mom with no maid to assist, I was so involved with the everyday ah sau's (ahmah) job + a baby to take care, the ambitious thoughts was slowly faded away. With my limited time & knowledge (as well as confidence), instead, I took up a correspondence course, a Montessori diploma for children of 3-6 years old. (Who knows I might open Infants & Toddlers Development class oneday!)

3 years later (that's now), I noticed that more and more moms (be it WAHM/FTWM) started their online business too! And the inspiring bit is that some of them located in KK/Sabah...

I would like to list down the Shopping Online which are Sabah-based, as reference. I am proud and inspired by you! (Please inform me if there's more, would like to add them... Sabah Boleh juga bah! The Boleh-land *giggle*)

MiaBambina.com owned by Sandra Rocco. I love window shopping here becoz of the bubbly owner ;) and her green products!

"Baby, Tots & Mom" owned by Miranda. She too sells cloth diapers and other green products.

"Contemporary Cakes for All Occasions" owned by Deana Edmund.. She is very creative & I love her cuppies!

"Food & Design" owned by Faye, sister of Deana... Truly artistic! I like her design of invitation cards..

"Lil' People Boutique" owned by Joyce Tuining, selling clothes for children.

"Forever Tulip" owned by Cindy, a make-up freelance artist & a web designer! Love her design... so sweet!

"Cherished Wedding Favours", a one stop centre in finding your wedding favors delivered to your doorstep at the best price [updated by bennyliew.com]

Anymore Sabah-based Online shopping???


Elaine said...

Didn't know they are all from Sabah, only knew Sandra and Deanna are KK based. :D

Aunty J said...

Hey Joan, thanks for the link! Appreciate it very much :) Apa tidak, free advertising ba tu hehehe..Anyway, didn't realised you've given birth to your handsome baby C!! He's so lovely especially looking the picture where was taking his nap...don't you just love to them sleeping...just feel like kissing them don't you :)

bZbee said...

eeiii...thanks for listing me in your blog la...i'm so grateful... btw..i'm eyeing lil people boutique like everyday!!

ben said...

Way to go - good to see online marketing picking up.

I'd like to mention one more, and more advanced one. Run by a Sabahan -I also just got to know about it. I think this can be a case study in affiliate marketing.


If you dont believe it is run by Sabahans, check out the Contact Us page. It's amazing: HQ in Sabah, but catering for US market.

I was made to understand that the proprietor is making a handsome 5 figures (RM) monthly.

cindy said...

Aww.. thank you for the mention, Joan! :D Free advertisement... best ni!


Joan D'Arcy said...

;) Supporting Sabah based shop online!

p/s Ben.. ya kah?

Xandra Jenn said...

Thumbs up to the Sabah Boleh.
Cuz, where are you going to start one? Let your boys be the co-founders. kisses to them both aahhh.. :)

orginal said...

v comb in Pakistan

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