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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paed visit

This morning was Baby C's 3rd visit to the Paed. 1st was his a week's check up, 2nd was his umbilical cord has blood stains (yeah, till today, his cord is still attached ~ 2 weeks old !!) and today was the 3rd one.. there was a tiny spot on his palate (inside his mouth, that is!). The grannies were worried sick that it could be mouth infection and hurried us to see the paed.

Acording to doc, it is called Epstein's Pearl where it isnt harmful and very common in babies below 1 month old. Basically, it would go off without any treatment. Another thing that is prominent on Baby C's face is Milia, white spots on his nose.. Primary milia are believed to arise in sebaceous glands that are not fully developed, explaining the high prevalence in newborn infants.

Nothing to worry, huh? hmmm...

Meanwhile, photos of the boys.

Lil C showing his brotherly affection towards Baby C. He loves holding Baby's palm and proud if Baby responds..

"Baby, this is how I drink my juice" following Elmo's expression

I draw for Baby!


Baby C is looking at the RBW, given by MaMa's friend, Elaine. He is responding to the cards.

Lil C simply adores Baby C.. He will look for baby if he doesnt see him around

"Kuai kuai (good boy) , baby"

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