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Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Kidnapped" SMS

DH & myself received numerous smses last tuesday night regarding an UMS student was kidnapped around Likas (KK) area.

"Urgent! A 2nd year UMS student was kidnapped about 1hr ago. She was walking to prayer meeting with a group of people. Kancil came and grabbed her where as the rest (of her friends) managed to run away. Pls pray for our sis in Christ safety, her name's Cheng Ting. Pass msg."
another similar one:
"Urgent, pls watch out for a dark blue kancil SAA4558N, they just kidnapped a UMS Student in Kingfisher. Pls report to police if you see this car. Pls spread info."

At first, we were questioning the ambiguity of the story until this morning, it was mentioned in Daily Express (Sabah Local newspaper) headline. Okay, I was trying to search for this article in the DE, unfortunately, the site isnt updated.. pooodah!!! What la... Anyways, I typed in google and found out thousand of bloggers had already wriiten this in their blog... As usual, I am always late! heheeh.. Read The Star.
Latest news: Cheng Ting has been rescued in Keningau (1.5hr drive from KK) after 10hours of searching. She is traumatised by the whole incident, poor girl! Currently, being treated in the hospital. The authority managed to capture one of the kidnapper, Bajau fellow; whom is now assisting the police to trace his partner in crime, a local brunei fellow known as Muhd Ariffin Bidin, 29yo (The Star mentioned that he is believed to be from Membakut.. gulp!!! My kampung!!!). Motive of kidnapping is unknown yet.


Anonymous said...

Joan, bumped in your blog searching on update of the kidnapping incident. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Aikks Daily Express cakap dari Bongawan .. The Star cakap dari Membakut... yg mana satu betul ni? hmmmm...

Jewelle Tan said...

Wow, and I usually don't pay attention to these SMSes because most of them are hoaxes. Good thing she was found safe.

Joan D'Arcy said...

I, too, thought it was a hoax. Dunno la, local Bruneians byk either dari Membakut or Bongawan.. Lagi pun dekat baitu! Harap2 kena tangkap soon!

chegu carol said...

The people here in keningau esp near Apin2 are all putting the extra alert since the other kidnapper still on the loose. Even our extra classes kena cancelled psl fear for budak2 yg balik rumah on foot. Who knows this guy is kinda desperate, go kidnap other people in exchange for his safety.

Harap2 dia kena tangkap very soon. Jahat oh this people!

John Rambo said...

Thank God she safe. But a bit disappointed, the Police do their job LESS well. Adakah 9 jam baru jumpa-tangkap. Itu pun di jalan Tambunan. Patutnya mereka dah buat roadblock di jalan Tambunan...

Police, Be More Alert, and More Faster and More CHIPS!!!

Monyet punya kidnapper!

Anonymous said...

ya, i also agree. the police are very slow.

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