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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby C in CD covers

Okay, I havent figured out what to call baby Cameron in this blog, lame, uncreative MaMa, forgive her for that. So, for the meantime, it's baby C.

Here's baby C in his CDs, bought from miabambina.com.

Baby C in Thirsties melon diaper cover. Love the bright cover!

Baby C in Super Brite Green Bummis diaper cover.

I have also started the Drybees Pocket CDs for him to wear during night time. It's still a lil too big for the tiny baby. After few nights testing, I found out that hemp inserts works best! No leak .. for now....! will test again.. Meanwhile, during the day, he is on his hand-me-down lampin (belonged to his ah pak ~ PaPa's eldest bro, as old as 44 years, but kept well by MIL and still in good condition. In fact, the material is 101 times better than the ones that is selling now). MaMa has bought few more CD covers (XS-size) online from the US, but havent received them yet. I bet, by the time it reaches here, Baby C would probably outgrown them! hahaah!

Baby C is soooo tiny that all his mittens & booties came off after 2 mins putting it on him. So, lazy MaMa decided to just wrap/swaddle him, to keep him warm instead. Last night, he slept at 11pm after his meal & got up around 5.30am for the next meal... Till the next update!

p/s Can anyone tell me where to find preemie size cloths, mitts & boots for baby C (in Kota Kinabalu stores of course) ? Sandra, another opportunity here! *wink! Wink*


Elaine said...

hehe..besar nya the cover. :D

Joan D'Arcy said...

Haha! Kesian kan! Even Huggies newborn dispo is way too loose!

Deana E said...

alamak..why he is too small..you didn't eat ka nie celine..he is only 2.3kg pula. sona is 3.6kg..

Joan D'Arcy said...

Deana, hahah! mau terjatuh I baca ur comment... The MaMa eat like bufallo, naik almost 20kg (the last month, I lost 2 kg...)... Dunno where went wrong. Gynae said that I could be just one of the mothers who give birth to low weight babies. huhuhu!!

farrahar said...

dun worry celine! he will be bigger in no time soon! adam used to be so small too hihihi.. by the way, dia tidur dari 11pm sampai 5.30am??? he didnt wake up in between that ka? my adam until now still bangun at 2am for his feeding. senang la ko tidur tu kan hehhehe..

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