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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Kidnapped" update

Thank God, the second kidnapper, a local Bruneian from Membakut, has been caught!!!! You can read further on the DE Online (at last, there's update). The police believed that the duo were influenced by a HK movie and alcohol; the poor girl who was picked randomly by the kidnappers, sustained a bite mark and bruises in various parts of her body and was believed to have been sexually assaulted.!!! Traumatised with the whole incident, she is to return to her hometown in Sibu and allowed to sit for her coming exam at home.

There are people who are insane and mad in this world!!! I wonder what's in their brain and how stupid for them to think that they could run away after doing such crime! Sigh!

What can be done to stop such crime? Even punishment didnt scare the perpetraitors to stop committing crime! Stories about Nurin, Sharlinie... Everyday, you'd read news about people being murdered, hurt and raped is sooo depressing! yet I believe there are more cases which are unreported!!!


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