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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The best toy for the little hand

A showcase of Lil C's favourite toy. He plays with it every day without failed. Be it in the morning, noon and night.. His favourite things, DUPLO (Lego for toddlers/preschool).

"CLICK" Smile, you are on Candid Camera!

He built this, he called it steps (stairway to heaven..??)

He builds things, anytime, anywhere... even while sitting on his throne.

A caravan..? Hmm.. just let your imagination run!

Some kitty driving a car.. err.. ? Lil C is always into building something loooong!

He told me that this is a water pipe. Can you spot the faucet / knob of the pipe to turn on the water? (Ignore the window block, he just take and put whatever he gets..)

A plane by lil C.

"Ngeoooong" by the airplane

Another version of his 'plane/car'.

At Dai Q's (Uncle David) house in kampung

The boys with the DUPLO guns.. Bang! Bang!

Recently, we bought him the FireEngine (He wants to be one when he grows up) model for his new collection. Quite reluctant to buy at first, because we thought it might halt his creativity. There were many pre-designed blocks, we worried that he'd stopped creating his own... But it's all worth it, his creativity went a level higher..

Lil C's firestation. He is 'putting' up the fire on the neighbour's house.

A plane with the little people "lined up" ~ his favourite words. Lil C has 6 duplo men that named after us, but he refused the lady (mama) to join the gang on the 'plane'.. From left: Man with the red shirt (PaPa), Baby C, Popo, KungKung(with the moustache, older looking) & lil C who is the pilot (with a distinguished yellow helmet). Mama not in pix (poor me!)

A Big house~ to be set on fire later, and saved by the Firemen.

Not enough space, Lil C added a large red flat block to put all the Duplo people to sit in the Fire Engine. NeeNaw! NeeNaw! 6 firemen, to the rescue!

So, if you ask me what kind of toys for your kids, I strongly recommend Duplo. Btw, 99% of the products lil C made is by himself. The adults only helped to erect the Fire Station :)


Elaine said...

WOw...what a huge collection you have got. :)

Anonymous said...

Is me, Serene. wow! really impress on what the Lil C has built...he is really creative. may i know where you buy those duplo in KK?

taty said...

OMG celine..! little C is very very very creative! Very impress on his work! genius! btw, I wanted so much to buy duplo for Irfan's 3'rd b'day present, unfortunately my budget is tight lately, so I have to change my plan huhuhuu and u r very good mother, you know what is the best for your children, I really admire your motherly job, I wish I can be a good mother like you.. :)

Deana E said...

even to girl ka? where to get this? i cant imagine my house full with this..aiyo..but if it's good for her boleh juga haha

Joan D'Arcy said...

Its an accumulation. The first one collection when he was 2 years old.. Then, we bought few more when there's sale or when we feel that its a right time to get a new one. In fact, there are some hand-me-down from his cousins too. Imagine how durable duplo/lego are? The old set must be more than 15years old.. hahaha

Thanks for dropping by :). You can get them at Kids Avenue in Karamunsing, and also Tune departmental store at 1Borneo. But not many choice tho. According to Kids Avenue, you can even order from them if the required model is not available at their store. But haf to wait la..

Dont worry, any block set can do too.. Just that Duplo, we find that it is very durable :)

Can bah! Ada juga for girls, like the doll house model etc. Btw, for a younger toddler, I would recommend the basic blocks, no gender discrimination.. hahaha!. Let them play, slowly you can see some 'inventions' they did. But it take a while for them to master putting the blocks together.. Sometimes he do get frustrated when the blocks fall apart too.. hehehe.. then I told him to take a deep breath, calm down and start a new one... wakakaka! Else, I try to distract him with other activities..

Sandra@miabambina said...

oooh he is so smart!
Indy is into lego too!
she build house with the furniture inside. And she can play with it for hours! ( good change for me to blog hopping then ) haha

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hahahah!!! Yeah.. that's what I do too.. When lil C plays with full concentration, this mama pigi blog-hop.. hahahah

Fiona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiona said...

Hooohooo ...I'm still waiting for Phoebe's new Duplo set to arrive .. trus dia buang yg lego lama kasih adik dia ...aduiiinah..

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha! Teringat I masa si Michelle buang toys dia kc si didi. She wrapped all her 'gifts' i.e. the hand-me-down dolls and pass to didi. Didi cool sija.. hahaha.. Is that the 2nd child syndrome? Luckily I am the third

MamaTatana said...

Lego is a good toys for kids..tahan lama but I don´t like the small pieces mati sia mau pungut when I tidy the house alamak!. My boys favourite toys are Playmobil. Have you heard about it? Its a german product. I saw playmobil kana jual di KLCC punyalah mati mahal..

Joan D'Arcy said...

interesting, i m checking playmobil right now.. hahaha.. so kiasu

MamaTatana said...

Playmobil is good tu Celine, I can recomment..kalau kana injak bukan itu toys yang patang tap kaki yg sakit haha..its true because sia selalu ter injak toys anak2 sia maradang sia..LOL. Lego and Playmobil tahan berpuluh puluh tahun kalau kana jaga baik2.

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