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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have you visited 1Borneo yet?

We visited to 1borneo again today. Not much shopping, just slighty bored at home.. Wanted to check-out the RM5 Japanese shop Daiso to see any interesting stuff on sale..

Anyways, we parked our car at the 3rd floor level. While entering the car park, I read a banner by 1Borneo's carpark management,

"FOC Indoor car park parking until further notice."
My English isnt that excellent, but reading such redundant words, done by the Management (or whoever did that) is such a turn-off. How could this so-called largest hypermall in East Malaysia overlooked that. Not a big issue, had a big laugh over it! I wasnt affected... UNTIL..

there wasnt a sight of Baby Changing Room!!! This is totally unacceptable.. Maybe I could have missed it, but I couldnt find any, not even a decent table in the ladies toilet for diaper change ...

Come on la... They should be updated with all such related issues and yet, they failed to do such simple thing... I could have just change Baby C at the Starbuck's coffee table, but I am not that rude and ignorant!.. hmmm... T'was very dissapointed.
Baby C, still smilling despite having soiled diaper


Serene said...

I have been there once, and I agree with you that they should have some baby changing room etc. They still got a lot of things to improve. I like Jaya Jusco washing room (eg. Mid Valley). They have baby changing room, nursing room, make up room etc. It is really convenience for nursing mummy and baby. Very consideration! (from Serene)

Joan D'Arcy said...

yeah! I remembered shopping at Jusco when lil C was still a baby.. That time no nursing tops yet, I went to bf him at the nursing room. When I was in Macau, they even have a FAMILY ROOM, where either parents can bring their kids (b/g) to toilets there.. Susah bah, if dad brings daughter to men toilets or mum brings son. So this FAMILY ROOM works best. I remember seeing a dad bottle his baby there too.. while waiting for his wife who was in the loo.. So cute!

Sandra@miabambina said...

boooo....no changing table ? that is a BIG turn off for moms!!!
the management should know that, if moms feel comfortable and they can bring their kids to shop longer, they WILL SHOP more! AGREE???
I never go there yet, but I heard that the mall looks huge and nice and modern, but if no baby changing room? and no mom's friendly toilet? then it is just like any other mall.

The KLCC ISETAN baby's changing room is good. We can nurse there, change diapers .
In Palm square CP, once when Maya was just 3 months old , I nursed in the Giordano's changing room and it is sooooo hot!

Fiona said...

Hmm .. I think all the shopping complex in Sabah don't have a baby changging room.... not like KL or other places ... Maybe should give the Management some opinion to set up the baby's room ..huhu

Jewelle said...

I went to one of their toilet and although I didn't notice about the non-existent baby changing room - I was taken in by their so-called sink - I even wondered if they forgot to put the sink in before I was told it was the latest style. How unhygenic.

1Borneo doesn't impress me much.

Joan D'Arcy said...

I never feed baby in changing room.. Do they allow ka? hehehe... Imagine there will be queues at the door, waiting for you to finish 'trying out the clothes'. hahahaha!!! A very innovative idea.. maybe I should try too..

Ya bah! Imagine, the toilet oso so babau urine.. Christian dont like to go to public toilets, he rather pee-pee in the drain.. hahaha!

ewww.. come to think of when they 'spit' on the 'sink'... Btw, where's a good shopping area in Brunei? We used to singgah Brunei when hubby was working in Miri a while ago.. I think they have better baby stuffs there (like preemies clothes when Baby C & I needed it the most!)

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

love the place but not baby friendly la ha...cool la baby c.

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