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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Music Exposure

Lil C was exposed to music when he was in Mama's tummy. We would play soft peaceful songs / music all night long. When he was born, he responded those songs by sleeping/resting soundly. We believed that he recognised those song long before.

As he was growing up, we noticed that lil C was very much music inclined. He loves banging the pots and pans, and make uses of chopsticks/pencils or anything similar as drumsticks. He told us that he wants to learn to play drum.

There's a game we play, also lil C's favourite called guessing sound game. When I heard a sound that lil C might recognise, like a plane's / helicopter's engine, I would instruct him to close his eyes and guess what sound does he hear. He is able to distinguish the two sound well, this activity also trains the little ear to polish his auditory skills.

Lil C able distinguish different musical instrument's sound , like the piano / guitar / drum; trumpet / trombone / tuba / flute / recorder / horn; violin / cello; maraccas etc to name a few. He also knows the basic songs of Mozart, Bach, Beetoven (but he doesnt know who they are yet), thanks to Baby Einstein's.

And now, it has been almost a year he attends FMT music class at musikgarten. It's not teaching the kids playing piano or any specific musical instrument. The kids will listen / sing / dance to beautiful songs as well as getting hands-on with percussions (Blocks/jingles/drum/guiro/triangle etc) as it helps the kids grow musically, emotinally, socially & cognitively.

He enjoys the 30 minutes / once session a week class very much. Sometimes, he will do the same at home, copycat what the trainers did during class. It is also a parent-child bonding as it is compulsary for the parent to sit with the kid. (Imagine, some parents would ask the maid to seat next to the kid, while parents sitting comfortably outside of the room). Baby C also benefits as we tag him along too. Maybe when he is 6 months old, we would like to enrol him for the Family Music Babies course.

It is important for children to realize that music is always the result of body movements. Even if there are natural sounds, children need to understand that music is produced by human beings using various muscles of the mouth, hands and arms. They should know how many different instruments there are and should have the opportunity to witness how musicians control their gestures so as to obtain different musical sounds.
— Dr. Silvana Montanaro


MamaTatana said...

You´re doing a great job as a mom here!. We enrolled my eldest to a music school in town last autumn. He is now 5 yrs old, he´s playing Violin. The archivement is incredible..its good to start early..their brains are like sponge..they can absorb very fast! its true indeed. Like the pepatah said kalau melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya (I hope its correct haha).

MamaTatana said...

Baby Einsteins is my boys favourite abis. They never miss watching it. They called it here "Kleine Einsteins". They follow every movement when they watch haha...so cute!

Fiona said...

Yg musikgarten di Driving Range Likas tu kah? Hari tu ada sia pi sana mau enroll si Isaac when he was abt 2 mths old..tapi tu amoi bilang mau tunggu sampai 10 org (at the moment none).benci sia bah....

Joan D'Arcy said...

The growing up process in a child is just so amazing. I agree, they have this brain working as a sponge. It's like garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) hehe!! I am not sure which musical instrument lil C wants to pick up, and try not to influence him (Tho i do like if he plays the violin..so romantic.. heehehe). I try to introduce & expose as much musical instruments so he can decide wisely, when the time is right.

Bab C loves the Baby Einstein too, he sleeps to the music.

Joan D'Arcy said...

bukan di Likas.. macam durang bilang ada prob sana.. tia taula..

We go to Keys To Music, blakang heritage. If u want, I can sms u their number. The Baby course pun buka tu sya tingu.

Fiona said...

oo patut pun ... okielah u sms me the number lah .. mo kasi enroll si Phoebe & Wyatt juga .. hehe thanks!

allthingspurple said...

musikgarten is fun. Kimberly used to attend that before she went to Primary school and got all caught up with homework. Now its just violin and rhythmic gym for her.

hey, thanks for dropping by earlier. will be linking u up too !

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