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Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Reflection..

Reminiscing the good old days... when I was still in school, having the butterfly-in-the-stomach puppy loves *wink*, memorising lines for school drama, thrills sitting for exams, sleepless nights hanging out with friends (even when assignments were due), eating McD's icecream in Sydney's cold winter night (a stress relief remedy for the undergrads), fist-fighting online, meeting new friends and saying bon jour to old ones, the falls, tears, laughters, sadness, madness.. .. all those memories give smile on my face!

Love is the greatest thing in life.
Rule of thumb: Love yourself first, before you love others

Time passes by very fast, in a wink of an eye. Sometimes I would laugh at the silliest things ever happened, sometimes I would cry at happy events... three decades of my life (plus 2 years) has been a good one. All the experiences, silly/happy/bad ones added more colours into my life.

One of Lil C's art collection, he calls it "Silly Christian"

The statement "To be happy is a choice" by Deana-e has been lingering in my head.. Its true, to be happy IS our choice. If a lemon thrown at me, I'd turn it to a chilled lemonade drink... ahh! refreshing!!.
One of the happiest moment of my life

I thank God for giving me a wonderful life. With a loving husband and two beautiful boys, there's nothing more to ask for.. I just wanna add in my little prayer, to give me strength every day so I can live to attend my boys' wedding. (hahahaha!!! I even dread to think of them starting to date)..

Growing up with the Cs

hmmm... this mind always thinks too much esp when birthday is coming!.. Happy birthday to all Cancerian bloggers& readers (now, who's cancerian? I only know FLorence & Deana) ! that includes me too.. hehehe.. exactly 2 weeks from now!

p/s: so far, I found 3 strains of grey hair within 10yrs... Not too bad, huh? err... Dear Lord, maybe another request, a small tiny one. .. slow down the aging process, can? TQ


karulann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karulann said...

LOL... no need to worry about aging nowadays.. if you got lot's of $$$ sure can look forever young.. btw I love your wedding pic, cool pic...

taty said...

you r rite my dear, time passes by very fast.. "hargai setiap saat yang dilalui,ia pasti akan membuatkan hidup ini penuh bermakna"... cewahhh

p/s: lucky you found 3 strains of grey hair only, mine BANYAK ohh :)

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha!!! Only if we have money.. hehehe.. but I dont think I dare to go for Nip & Tuck! jarum oso I takut..

ahaha.. U know, lama odi tidak baca jiwang stuffs in Malay.. berdiri juga my bulu roma... hahah! Thanks

Sandra@miabambina said...

Makcik Glamour, you looked very very happy in your wedding photo! So glad to see you in wedding gown! haha
so far I only see you when you had a big tummy and after delivery! hehehe....

Your b'day is in the corner?

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha!!! The haggard look!
Getting older.. for some reason, I feel sooo old!! huhuhu.. Anyways, ordered cake from deana to cheer me up! Yum! Yum!

Aunty J said...

ayooo u only hv 3 strains of grey hair??? Mine cannot be counted oredi oh hahaha...even with hair color they will still wave at me :( But hey, dont worry abt getting older my dear...like they say it is only a number..what matter most is that you're happy and you feel young :) Me much older then u I think but me not worry abt the forever increasing number...yg penting maintain glamour...kunun la hahahaha...angan2 ba nie...

Aunty J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty J said...

I deleted the 2nd comment coz accidentally sent the same message twice heee...sowi ;p

Joan D'Arcy said...

aunty J,
hehehe.. thanks for the wonderful advice... yeah.. mau maintain glamour nie... :)

Deana E said...

same here..i also wish God will give me more years to come to see Sona grows up, get married and have babies too. Love the wedding pictures, memang happy..where is that? i've posted my curry bento..had problem with my laptop now i can't post pictures, so funny. may be need to buy a new one sudah..i have ordered few from nst but some of it pre order and takes 3-5 weeks to arrive..have to tahan tangan to click la..

Sandra@miabambina said...

DEana if want tahan dont go to ebay! pengsan....
I must sell more diapers la nih so can buy more bento things! LOL

aunty J u mana much older than Celine?
I also dont know how old is she. but reading her blog I think I can guess , same like me hehehehe

Dragon lady ?

Sam & Nic's mammi said...

Hi Celine,

You are still young, masih macam sweet 16.....indeed you look so cheerful on your wedding day, who doesn't, a new beginning and a new chapter in life. Now about the grey hair part, I think no one can escape from that these days with all the forever rush, tidak gugur jadi grey lah......anyhow wishing you a lovely weekend and enjoy your coming birthday, go and spoil yourself a bit....hehehehhe

Joan :)

Joan D'Arcy said...

I got married at Sacred Heart, BIL took the pix for us. hehehe.. bah, tahan tu tangan ah! hehehe

Makcik Bento @ Sandra,
Yeah, dragon lady.. that's where I got the nick, Joan of Arc, coz I was a lil fighter as I was growing up.. very tomboi & garang & feminist (i have 3 bros in the family)! wakakaka.. Joan is my 2nd name.

Thanks.. hehehe.. about the grey hair.. hehe.. my dad is 67yo, and dont haf grey hair.. dia bilang taruh banyak minyak kelapa.. eww.. babau bah tu kan?

Sandra@miabambina said...

So we are 2 dragon ladies!
very garang oh! LOL

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