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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My dad always says..

My dad is a man with 101 proverbs (is it becoz he was a school principal before?). Whenever we siblings, feel sad / down / angry; he would come to us and say a relevant proverb to motivate and cheer us.

I remember, during school time, I wasnt satisfied with something; dad said "I complaint because I have no shoe, until I saw a man who has no feet." Of course, being very young, I didnt fully understand what he really meant. Basically, he wanted us to appreciate and be blessed with the things what we have.

Here's a video to share with all of you. Thanks June, for sharing.

As usual, I googled him. Meet the man inperson and in Wiki. Tony, you are truly inspiring. I had tears when I saw your videos.


allthingspurple said...

your dad and my dad are alike in that way. My dad is also one for proverbs. Very wise men, your dad and my dad.

ArMs said...

Dads... Biasalah gitu;D
Your video - Now I'm more thankful for everything I have.

U.Lee said...

Hi Joan, I was sniffing tulips over at Jenn's blog noticed your callsign and lovely profile pic and mosey over.
You sure got a fantastic dad...and by saying all that, you remembered.
Allow me to say, one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
And, a mother is a never ending song in our heart of comfort, happiness, and being.
We may sometimes forget the words, but we always remember the tune.

You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

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