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Monday, September 22, 2008

Visit to the Aqua & Marine Museum

DH asked me, what should we do today (Sunday). He is one guy who loves window shopping. His excuse is always to update ourself as there are a lot of new things to see.. Where else, to 1Borneo.

Told him, I rather go to the zoo (ok, its called the Wildlife Park). Since we were driving towards 1Borneo, DH suggested that we should visit the Aquarium & Marine Museum at UMS. Well, its mainly as a recollection of lil C's recent school field trip.

Lil C was so excited and proudly directed us in. So, we pretended to be like the lil kids & lil C the teacher.

Welcome to the Marine Research Center at University Malaysia Sabah. 
Entrance fee was only RM10

At the entrance foyer, there's a diver swimming above our head with fishes swimming around him

One of the bigger aquarium, lil C was showing us around

"PohPoh, you can see Nemo here"
Baby C was sleeping peacefully

I was using my N80 camera.
Tried to take Nemo & Dory together, but pix taken very blur.

various kind of Starfish

Seahorse having a feast

"You cannot touch the dolphin replica okay"

A replica of a whale's skeleton

Turtle's replica (i think)

Finally, baby C woke up.. but it was time to go home

A small patch of Mangrove Walk, before we got to our car

Lil C posing, while waiting for Papa to get the car

One for the record.. cheese!

Well, nothing to shout about.. the room space is too small not big (I heart Sydney Aquarium). However, it was quite educational for the lil one, esp when he was there for the second time.. (where else can you find this experience for kids in Sabah, apart from real underwater diving?) This trip made him proud of himself, able to show us around and recalled what he had seen before. I could just stare and wonder at the tiny Seahorse moving about in the water and eating.. etc. (tho the plants in its tank looked as if they are dying)

There should be more reading material, something for lil kids to learn with more concrete/less abstract sensory, like able to feel the sea creatures etc.

p/s However, I didnt see any turtle swimming around :(


Joyce said...

Wah so best your hubby...!! Suka windw shopping lagitu...
I also wanted to go jalan2, but my hubby said he got alot of "kerja" to do...afternoon he went out to play football :(

Sandra@miabambina said...

wah best nya your dh wants to go to window shopping. For my dh is like a death sentence to him. He is rather go to work than to walk around in the mall.
You were in One Borneo yesterday? Me TOO!! but only to eat.
normally I go to mall alone on weekdays.

osindak said...

ko tau celine, beribu kali i've gone tu ums kan, inda pernah pigi tu museum! LOL di luar saja bah. so teruk.. may be should bring naya and ted there, walaupun kecil the place. :) thanks for the nice 'reminder'. hehe

talking about shopping, if i go wit hubby, we go do our OWN shopping and meet later for lunch/dinner.. haha abis dia suka tu sports stuff je. :)

Joan D'Arcy said...

Yeah, hubby loves window shopping.. We wud buy things together, esp for him, the kids' & groceries. But I havent done shopping FOR MYSELF for a while now.. seriously. If its my stuffs, I rather go by my self, coz it takes ages for me to choose what I want.. Kasian bah if he hafta wait.. Dont wanna spoil the fun spending time with the kids.

We went to 1Borneo yesterday, after the aquarium visit.. was there around 3pm.. :)

duapulolapansen said...


best nya kalo dpt hubby yg suka window shopping..dpt bejalan slalu..

The trip to the aqua & marine musuem mmg menarik perhatian sia...tp to far oredi to go there..

P/s: Nice blog, care to exchange link?

Vienne said...

hi...thanx for visiting my page...
i used to be UMS student but never been to that Aquarium...hehehe..maybe will go there some other time..hehehe

aRCHIE said...

wah nice place:P i will find time to go there also :P

Lynn said...

I don't even know there's a Aqua & Marine Museum here in KK :p , Nanti lah I tarik my hubby go there some day. Thanks for the info.

Evelyn LG said...

eh got Aqua & Marine Museum in KK .. I oso dunno.. nanti cuti X'mas.. will go and jalan2.. cross ma finger.. :P

Fara said...

I've been here as well. Best kan to know that we do have such aquarium here. I only wish more Sabahans will know about this.

ArMs said...

Haaha syok juga kan the aquarium there... Should be bigger though;D

Sayang me nda bawa camera when i go there dulu, mo blog ni. But you already blog so nda apa la keekekee...

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