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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nee-Naw! Nee-Naw!!

Lil C is crazy over fire engines. He said that when he grows up, he wants to be the guy behind the wheels (Phew!!! Few months ago, he said he wanted to be a Garbarge Truck driver). He just love the siren, the beacon light, the adrenaline rush and the gigantic truck. He thinks its cool..

Even while walking along the road side, in the mall (basically anywhere), he gets crazy when he sees anything that relate to the Fireman's job; the water hydrant, extinguisher, hose, axe!!!

Neee Naww! Nee Naww!

Below are lil C's version of fire engine & the crews:

See any resemblance? He just love the ladder. Can you see the driver on top of the 1st wheel? hahaha

More fire fighters on the ladder, To the rescue!

This is a bit tricky! There are 3 main objects here (according to lil C).
From the left: a house on fire (rectangular shape), ambulance with an injured man lying in it & a weird looking fire engine with a tall ladder where the firemen spray water from there.

I wonder if I can bring lil C to visit the local Fire Station? Any fire fighters out there who like to make lil C's dream come true?? Meanwhile, get ready to PLUG ur ears! NeeeNawwww NeeeNaww!!!


ron kgu said...

Hi stylo mama,
looking at xtian's drawings made me laff. Especially the 3rd one, I think due to urgency to save ppl, the ladder became bigger on top..LOL! Such imagination he has! I'm lost with the drawings after that..8-)

ArMs said...

He want to be a fireman ka? Tell him, it's a boring job! keeke... no la. Very dangerous ba that job.

My extra curriculum activity is being involved in this kind of stuff. I've been to fire departments and naik firetrucks. It's a bit fun but it seems that not much action here in KK;D (jarang ada kebakaran kan... which is a good thing!) ;)

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