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Friday, October 24, 2008

2 boys together

I remembered the day we brought baby C home, lil C couldnt comprehend that there was another STAR at home, which wasnt him. He got very jealous, neither DH nor me could carry baby, we could only carry lil C. So, I made a pack with lil C that if he wanted to be carried, it had to be two of them together. Then I would sing the self-invented song, "Two Boys Together". (ooo.. dont ask me to sing for you.. hehehe)

I am glad that the jealousy phase was over.. phew! Took us two weeks (or more) to convince him that even with baby came along, our love towards koko will never change.

And now, after 6 months.. here's the result!

hehehe.. He has also learnt to share his toys with baby C (well, sometimes it doesnt work.. but at least he knows..)

I think at his age now, he can understand things easily.. Montessori would say that he has gained his concious mind that he is able to reason with things around him (So friends out there. If you wanna have kids, 3 years would be the best gap)

Just some random pix of the kids. Mama ran out of time to write...

Higher Mama!!! I love this!

"Geez, I do have big tummy!" baby C in discovering himself


Sandra@miabambina said...

baby c looks more like papa?
and lil C definitely has mama's look!
so cute oh the koko and titi
My girls also still can't share. Well mostly Maya that will bring problems and snatched everything from Indy's hands!

Bonnie said...

I love the pic u with baby C. So sweet. And boy, baby C grow a lot..! Wawa also doesnt share sometimes. Seems like he only share to those he know. And he likes to rebut things with Maya, and both of them will scream..*sigh* and his jelousy is strong, so to hv a baby in 3 years? Impossible...

HaRDieYNiE said...

Hi sis, waahh...soo geram tgk baby C, dah berapa Kg ya?...my doter baru 6.8kg...more geram to baaby C...hehehe

Joan D'Arcy said...

bbC does look like papa.. the cina look, & lilC looks like dusun.. hahaha! Yeah, sharing is a prob.. we have to convince lilC that the toys r still his, just that he lend to bb first.. sometimes work, sometimes doesnt. When that didnt work, mama resort with another toy (meaning to lure lilC.. hahaha).

We have more silly pix.. that is considerably not-so-crazy to share! hahaha

Baby actually lose 0.5kg coz dia sakit. Now 8.05kg. :) Belum really start solid lagi.. Mamanya masih malas.. hahaha!

HaRDieYNiE said...

wahh...8.05kg, kalau tak 9kg la ye....gerammnye...hehhe...my doter baru jek start mkn solid 2 days a go... :D

allthingspurple said...

That is one hot momma !!!

"2boys together"?? heehee..I suppose situation calls for dire measures. But what a creative idea to get kor kor to feel belong !!

My kids can't share too, but research had it that the bigger gaps between the sibling,the less rivalry there is. I guess there are exceptions.

Leeyen said...

Hi, well done to Lil C, he's such a good boy to share with the baby!

Aunty J said...

ohhhh i love the pic of you and lil c...so lovely!!! and oh cant help but admiring his RED cd..i like!!!! Which brand is that?? I've been wanting to put Ethan on a RED cd but hv not found one that I'm in love with yet hehehe...see it's all abt the mum wanting to c the lil one in bright beautiful and cute cds .....abis la if my hubby see this ahahahaha...he always say actually ethan doesnt need more...the mummy yang mau...betul jua la...uhuk uhuk..heee...shhhh...

Evelyn LG said...

Wah.. baby C is so chubby !!! yum yum yum.. korkor really got the mummy look.. love the pics :)

Just plain Sharon said...

awww the last picture is the most adorable one.

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