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Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Birthday Walk

Lil C had turned 4 last February. We couldn't celebrate his birthday on the day itself (21st Feb) because of my aunt's funeral. But we celebrated in his school, a day earlier - the Montessori way.

Cuppies by Colus Cake
Lil C told me that he wanted a golf theme cake, but I thought it would be more colourful with different kind of balls. :) Thanks Dena, you're the best!

Mama was narrating about lil C's development via photo album which was compiled the night before... as lil C held a globe and walked around the "sun"

From the Photo Album:


Deana E said...

like the way u took picture of the cuppies..christian so blessed to have mummy like u..i know it's not easy to look after 2 kids full time..half time is easier...i mean working mum with maid..

Joan D'Arcy said...

I think both are the same ba.. bad thing about SAHM without maid is when wanna mandi/poo, kena tahan skijap since teda org tulung jaga baby... lol! So hafta do it before dh goes to work!

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