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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Revisit my Montessori posts

Havent been updating this blog lately.. Actually, I am looking into revamping this whole space.. Another 2009 resolution.. But not so soon.. Need to grab hold of my self and do the first things first..

Anyways, I would like to invite all of you dear readers to   revisit my Montessori posts . and yes, we are considering to homeschool our two boys (in fact, we ARE doing it right now - part time kindy, full time HS.. lol!).. at least until they are 12... *rolling eyes at DH.. tee hee hee*.. need to work on this, thanks to inspiration given by the Soons . Well I cant expect things run smoothly now.. I hope that with this interesting learning period, we will enjoy each other's company and build stronger bond between us!

Guitar inherited from SIL - greng

Dont wanna miss out too! baby C seemed to be very music incline, something that I noticed esp during his musikgarten class.

Love watching his Koko draw

"Our House"

"Baby C sliding..weeee"

Lil C's first encounter with a real life painter

Men at work!
(The painter was kind enuff to spare few sheets of white paper for lil C to draw)

Draw me!

Now.. where's the sketches of the two boys?? I will post them once I can find them! LOL! Life is in a mess at the moment.. hahahaha

To all of you, HAPPY LUNAR YEAR 2009
Ang Pao lai le!!


Jasica said...

Hi, I'm impressed that you decided to teach your kids till they are 12.
By the way, I love your easel. Mind if i ask, where you get it..hehehe

Joan D'Arcy said...

:) I am impressed myself for saying that too! hahaha! let the time tell, see what happens.. for sure, I am not for any government-oriented school.

Btw, we got the Voila easel from Apple Book store, located at City Mall, behind the City Dept STore. Hope you can find the store (Sanaaa bertapuk di blakang). Love that shop as it has lots of good educational things and quality books for growing kids. And you can be a member with 15% discount of all items.. Good value!

Sandra@miabambina said...

Cel, i am one of your admire too
you need to have GUTS to do it :) beside i know the respond you will get from other
hah you teach your son at home ah? no friends oh. ah can ah?
you can teach me?

btw I thot the easel is from Ikea?
no ? ooh i got mine frm Ikea and look very similar

miss to chat with you abt schooling
the other day tak puas la chat so short ahahha
oh and thanks for the mandarin , A-SOH!

Anonymous said...

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Carolyn said...

Hi celine
I admire your willingness to home school your children. It is something that is not east to do, considering many important elements we should provide for a home schooling kids. I ever thought about this too when I had my 1st child but guess I don't have the guts to go on with it. I salute u :-) Enjoyed reading yr blog!

Serene said...

Hi Celine, really salute you and so envy of your 2 boys. I do hope to homeschool natalie, but no time and it also need a lot of knowledge which i am lacking, haha...currently i only teach her Chinese word at home. do you notice that BB did not give chinese homework?

best regards,

sam n nic's mammi said...

Good luck with home schooling your boys Celine...I am impressed too and really salute you....

I thought of doing the same here with Samantha but it's not possible to do so in Holland, so no chance.....

Good idea and good plan that is for sure :)))

bZbee said...

it is great to know that you homes chool your kids..it takes great effort and support from your spouse too...i believe your kids will grow up to be a responsible man of the future....they'll learn that there is more to learn home schooled that public school...all your love and dedication to them , they'll cherish it and don't be surprised that the partner they choose for life will be blessed by your sons....

Elaine said...

Finally there's update in your blog. Miss reading your updates and peeping what your kids do at home. :)

And bravo for homeschooling your boys. sometimes I do feel very quilty and lousy for not able to fully homeschool my kids. I feel like I am a bad one that doesn't fit in among the homeschooler group. :(

I suppose now you have almost done your assign and very well prepared for exam? I don't know what I have landed for myself, I'm starting class this Sat for one year!

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