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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuti-Cuti Sabah: Lok Kawi Wild Life

It has been a while since the last break we took with the Vuns. Due to the H1N1 outbreak, we decided not to venture out to Bangkok nor Perth. Instead, we did the cuti-cuti Sabah.

My BIL always say OHANA, that means family ~ family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten (excerpts from Lilo & Stitch). So that means, whatever crazy adventure we were heading for, all must join.

So there we were, driving from the western to the eastern of North Borneo. We cancelled the northern part as we figured that we were too exhausted to drive another 3 hour journey to the tip of Borneo, instead we went down south, an hour and a half drive to the Padas River.

The best part of this holiday was seeing the kids spending time together, where before this, they only met each other via skype. To koko C, they are the big bro/sis he never had. A good 17days spending time with them, koko C had forgotten to seek attention from his parents - hehehe - a good thing, that gave us a break. Slowly, we'd noticed that koko C started to pick up accent in his conversation. and both the boys were growing at a faster rate... (hey, I didnt realise that baby C could understand Malay too!)

Some pix at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, the most economical visit where we only paid minimum RM10 and spent time there for almost 6 long hours. This is one place where we always love to visit.

Bumpy ride!

Hey, papa!

With uncle Wilson, the mad photograper from Seattle & his daughter Rikki, a future botanist/zoologist in the making. She knows the name/details of most plants/animals that we came across with... and she is only 13yo.

Felyx, the future Malaysia International soccer player - kidding! the machoman in the making... one of the family's most talented kid - always excels in whatever field he chooses to be in. One determined kid - only 16yo, his future is in his own hand!

Cant resist to share this pix - elephants bonding, taken by BIL. This is one of my favourite animals - the elephant in general. These ones here are the Borneo Elephants. There are more of the pictures, but I must only pick one (else this blog post will be flooded!)

BIL sees things differently, that shows by the photos that he took. Instead of an animal, he take the details of it. Fascinating shots! Well, I rather not post too many of his photos here... I cant afford to pay royalty fees. hehehe. Btw, do you know that a male zebra is the black one with white stripes, and a female one is the white with black stripes.

Next was the Nexus trip.


chegu carol said...

ermmm..i dont think i can see the difference between a male and female zebra la. i tried google for the images...hahaha...mcm same saja...and btw, they all look white with black stripes....

i love the photo of the bonding elephant!

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehehehe!!! Its a joke, about the Zebra. hahaha! I got fooled too! U know, we were in front of the Elephants' den (is that called a den??) for almost half and hour.. I was amused by their behaviour, esp the males bonding with each other... picking ears, pulling tails, rubbing body.. etc!!! Like little wrestlers, I can see my two boys would behave the same.. hahahah!!. Another gesture they did was to stand on one line and do the elephant dance!! LOL!! Too bad, we didnt get that on videocam...

chegu carol said...

astagaaa...hahaha...i was actually looking for some kind of laugh remarks bah that but none so i really thought this was a fact u are sharing....hahahaha

ok, i got gotcha!

Joan D'Arcy said...


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