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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cuti-Cuti Sabah: Nexus Karambunai

We stayed at one of the Nexus Pool Villa for 3D2N. Everyone loved the place, very spacious - 3 rooms with a kitchenette, and a private lap pool by the side.

Baby C just love the water, demanded to be in it every time he remembered;

while koko C was getting use to the water.

Koko C was having fun, with his cousins around him.
(Thank you Felyx & Rikki)

Live pawns!

Batik painting with Dai Gu (Papa's elder sister)

Dipping himself at the poolside

At the beach, it seemed like he was in deep thought.. felt insecure as he held Rikki's hand.

Trying to overcome the fear in water - arrrhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! - showing his masculinity at a young age!

Finally, he forgot all his fears and went into the sea water!

The kids physically enjoyed themselves, esp being in the water (pool & beach). They cycled, tandem biking, surfed (unfortunately, our waves arent big enough), swam and swam and swam.... and got sun burn all over!

U Wilson & koko C, kayaking at the Nexus Lagoon; before we went back home. We were suprised, despite having fear of water, Koko persuaded to do kayaking.

Next trip: Kundasang


bZbee said...

very nice family trip, i guess the trip to kinabatangan has changed then?..i have to try the pool villa one day (ONE DAY..ntah bila la tu..LOL)....

serene said...

wow, celine so enjoyable of your family trip. the children enjoy so much! that's a really good idea of having sabah trip rather than overboard due to H1N1.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Lebah sibuk,
Belum siap update lagi this blog.. We went to Kinabatangan River Cruise.. and extended to another one at Sg Padas in Klias too. To our suprise, baby C love being in the boat... Stay tune!

We always overlooked places to visit. Like the Malay Proverb say, Hujan Emas di Negeri Org, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri. =) Our next holiday break, we will spend more time doing Nature Trip. Btw, Christian had started going to school today.

limadang.com said...

Siok siok siok!

Stella O.K. said...

wah...what a nice blog..bnyk pics... enjoy o kamu..

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahahaha! vacation kan? Bila lagi?

serene said...

Yes Celine, it is good to explore to nature especially children. if next time i plan for a holiday i will seek more info from you. I have been to Kundasang a few times and never know it can be so much fun that there is so many places to go.

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