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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oral Care 2

Ok, maybe I am just being a perfectionist mama (oh oh)... by teaching lil C to brush his teeth... But based on my own history, I just cant bear to let him to have teeth decay at an early age! I was one of the unfortunate ones... and my son will not be like me..

I started brushing his gum teeth when he is only like 4 months old... just to train him to accept foreign object in his mouth. Of course I used the baby gum brush.. When his first tooth appeared a year ago (that's 8 months old).. I introduced him baby toothpaste which is without the flouride thingy... He's ok.. he let me brush his teeth..

A recent development.... and it first happened yesterday... So, I tot I take a video of him today, brushing his teeth,... just for the record...

(PLEASE BEAR WITH MAMA'S EXCITING VOICE.. I tried to edit it, but my N80 camera phone format is MP4... I cant use the movie maker to edit it... ekkkk!!!!!)

Anyways, enjoy and sing a long!!
This is the way I brush my teeth!...

(Btw, Isaac is watching Barney VCD at the living room)

Oh, he loves the taste of this toothpaste... and to him, every 1 brush needs a refill of his toothpaste... hehehe


babyphoenix said...

macam addicted to the toothpaste suda is lil C.. watch out.. ;p

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha!!! He needs that extra 'booze' to go through the day!

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