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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stack up! up! up!

I believe this is one of the toddlers' instincts as they are practising the use of their muscles and brains. This shot was taken when QQ Jr visited us. Lil C was playing his stacking toys. This is one of his favourite exercise as he can play with it again and again, for more than 30 mins.. doing it with full concentration. He would completly be in his own world, as he builds the next KLCC.

You could imagine, last week, we went to Servay Hypermarket to buy some groceries. Papa was looking for his car air freshener. Lil C got so excited with all the colourful packages and started to take them away from the shelf and put them onto the floor. Then, he stacked them all up with great joy! hehehe.. Mau marah pun, nda sampai hati.. We then, being the watched adults, carried lil C and kept the cans and boxes back to the shelf... pretended whistling away....

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