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Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Po-Po

MIL has turned 70.. Long live the PoPo.. ;) We didnt go out for dinner as its the best for the lil ones.. (More like for the parents, dont hafta run here and there with the lil one on the loose!)

Decided to cater some Roasted Lamb, Beef and Jacket Potato from The Hut (Hey, free promo), Noodles & some brocolli beancurd from SUpertanker (According to the Chinese, these food are only ate during special occasions not sure what they are called tho) and GreenTea & Tiramisu cake from Uncle Biscuits. Of all the food, Lamb Roast was fantastico! I dont particularly eat Lamb coz of the smell and terrible after taste.. but this is definitely a go! ;)

Here's Popo with her Sun-Chais.
(p/s hey, whats ian doing with the cake knife???)

Lil C and his art!

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