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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Sound of Music

Guess what? We went to Lintas Supermarket last night to buy some groceries, and papa stumbled upon an old favourite movie ~ The Sound of Music. As lil C is very music incline, so we thought that he will definitely enjoys this show.

Well, he loved all the songs and the gimics the von Trapp's children was doing.
His favourites:
1. Lisle and Rolfe sang "16 going 17" (he'd climb his bench and started to imitate the energetic trotting of those two);
2. Do-Re-Mi (The children cycling);
3. The Lonely Goathered puppet show.

We enjoyed the show too.. I guess there's nothing more than a classic-feel-good kinda movie (not to forget the family sing-a-long too! hehehe)

As usual, after watching it, I went to googles.com to read more about the Von Trapps. and guess what, the movie wasnt as true story as we all wished for.. Apparently, Maria wasnt hired to be the governess for the children, but only as a teacher to one of the illed von Trapp's children. Secondly, the names and sexes of the Von Trapps children werent the same as seen in TV (There were 9 children in reality, before they left Austria)... hmmm... the lists can just go on!!! To you who are interested, check The Real Story of the Von Trapps to start of with! They didnt run away to Switzerland, but went to Italy by train, then continued and settled in Vermont, USA. There, they have their family business, The Trapp Family Lodge... sigh!

So, where are the Sound of Musics Children?

Can you see the resemblance after 40 years? guess who's who before checking out their site!


Ben said...

sound of music? it's the greatest musical ever, bar none! i've been a fan for as long as i can remember. saw it on the big screen, then on vcd, then on dvd, then saw it with my mom again after many years, then with my own children. you've guessed it, i'm a sound of music fanatic.

Joan D'Arcy said...

haha! indeed! We love it to bits too! That night, it was a movie marathon.. Sound of Musics 3x.. hahaha! The neighbours came by too and we had a pop-corn party! ;)

MeLLy said...

Hi Cuz, Ive seen the movie so many times. I cant recall how many times... Its' nice to know how the 'von trap' movie casts have grown and seems that they have not dissapeared into the hills..hiihi

Nicholian Justine said...

hey ma'am.... told ya... this movie my dad FAVE tis....so do i n others..

i even remember when i was in standard 4.. my Eng teacher..do the SING along thingy... hahaha

Joan D'Arcy said...

hihihi.. imagine, what wud u do, if ur nanny starts dressing you n the siblings using the same kind of textile and joyride around town! hahaha! Cool wouldnt it? ;-)

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