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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Abang Beca, Abang Beca..

Lil C got a supprised from Papa last night! A maroon bike! yeay! well, he didnt really show that expression when he saw his new bike, but definitely loved it as he played all night.. even second before going to bed.

It was so cute to see that he was able to paddle the bike. . using the old pedalling style, when I was a kid (you know, using the basikal tua (old bicycle), as it was a 'wider' design, the kids would paddle it by putting through one of their legs under the seat, to reach the other paddle... err..err.. whatever..) hehehe..

We decided to get him an older range of bike, and not the baby tricycle because when we were in the Kampung earlier this year, Lil C only loves the bigger bike, and not the tricycle.


cmelly said...

he's clever boy isn't he? pandai dia peddle. :-)

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehe.. yeah bah! soo cute! Kadang2 panic juga tingu he climb up the bike! ;)

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