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Saturday, November 18, 2006


It's my 3rd year wedding anniversary.. Geez, time really flies soo fast! Felt it was only like yesterday! hahahah! Exactly 1095 days ago, here I was, trying to get my beauty sleep to be prepared for my big day! (note that its 1am in da morn' at the moment)

How's life after married? Well, ... err.. umm..? I cant say its the same as when I was not, especially now being tied down with the lil one.. Its never been better! I am blessed with my other half who is very considerate and have great tolerance in this relationship, and my cute unpredictable lil bunny who is always bring great joy in the family. What more would I ask for? (Maybe more $$, hahaha!)

We had plans to celebrate our special day.. Nope, no candlelight dinner for three. We had agreed that its not practical to spend time with the lil one for now. Normally, dinner time, we had to take turns who eats first while the other takes care of the young man...Last year we ended up at a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant in Centre Point. This year, we thought of spending the day to the Mountain high (influence from the SOM) and go around the mulberry bush.. Lil C would love the climate.. But this morning, he was down with cold and slight fever.. so, the plans may have to be dropped!!! Boo-Hoo! SIgh! well.. just haf to wait till the sunrise and see how it goes. Hopefully lil C gets better!

Anyways, we met Collyn and Erin, whom is here in KK for a visit (Erin & Simon are doing a world-tour.. check out their blog), at Merdeka Supermarket earlier in the evening. Collyn invited us to have dinner at her mom's place tomorrow night. SO, I guess that may be great for a change. Buffet style dinner, great home-cooking food (Collyn is a wonderful cook); screaming kids on the loose, with no one giving the LOOK at the easy-going parents.. hehehe.. just wonderful! Brilliant idea!

Have a great weekend.

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