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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sandpaper Letters

Alas, I completed my sandpaper letters.. Phew! Hardwork, it is..took me a week to complete (bear in mind I only have limited minutes a day) but rather than me paying USD$55 for this set.. I only spent :

  • Manila Cards : RM1.60 x 2 (pink / blue each)
  • Sandpapers : RM0.30 x 3
  • Glue / Scissors / Marker pen
  • The best part : used my A-B-C rubber mat to trace the letters... hehehe
Pretty neat huh?

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I havent started teaching lil C how to pronounce phonetically yet (except the 'p' which he is very good at), but he has started feeling the texture of the sandpaper letters. Would not be teaching him so soon, as he hasnt develop his concentration yet.

For this sandpaper letters, will keep it when the time comes.


Elaine said...

really look very nice. I malas to made, so I ordered a set together with LMA , cost be RM120 only, of course not as pretty as what you have made

Celine said...

hey, u really got a good bargain. I went to the site that u gave for the LMAB, but under construction...

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