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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Complete the Puzzle

Absorbent Mind of a child really amuses the adult, that's me. Pohpoh bought a puzzle as a Xmas gift for lil C. I only showed him once and he can fix the puzzle easily... Amazing!

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Tadaa!! Fixed! (He moved so fast that didnt manage to catch him while putting the puzzle together.)

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Showing his finished work. Balancing the puzzle with his two hands to return to the shelf.


hazel said...

What a smartie...! Do you know how much it costs to get a puzzle like that in KK? Tried looking for one here quite costly...like everything else!

Celine said...

Its lil C's Xmas prezzie. MIL got it cheap-cheap at Happy Mum, like 2 for RM20. I know what u mean, I haf been looking around for puzzles like that and costs around RM50. Try check e-bay.. I saw lots more Montessori puzzles around USD$5++.. Maybe OZ's cheaper. Me cant afford to convert to RM..

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